Woman with mask and hat

The Beautiful Outlaw


The eye of a woman with black mask and black hat

Menacing Outlaw


Colors evoke emotion.  The advertising companies know the colors that evoke those emotions.  Here is an example.  A headshot of a model, the same headshot, very close to the same expression but the color of her hat and bandana are totally different. I could have had her eye expression more angry.  I should have asked her hold old she was or what did she think of her x-husband and just held the shutter down.
Obviously these are set-up or planned photographs.  I picked out her as a model including her hat and bandana.   What started this was a visit to a used clothing store in Santa Fe.  She owned it.  I could have spent a week and a bunch of money there making not taking photographs.  Model release is really important here.


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